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Danielle Moody is a Realtor with an extensive background with investors, new construction, rentals, and flipping houses. She now channels much of her energy into zoning and land development, and enjoys new construction properties that fit in style and scale with Portland's close-in neighborhoods. She also works as a designer on multiple projects with her husband, Garner Moody, owner of Lloyd Development. Danielle is a focused and resourceful Agent, with an innate talent for hunting down information and finding solutions in tricky transactions. She prides herself on being responsive and available, and works hard to get her clients what they want and need.

Her ideal adventure for an urban Portland day:  Danielle and her husband are both early birds, so they beat the brunch crowd with - gasp! - breakfast at either Milo's City Cafe, or Isabel's, before heading out on their bikes for a leisurely ride. Danielle loves hiking with her family, or taking her Swiss mountain dog/Lab mix, Ruby, to the dog park. A voracious reader, she loves spending time at literature mecca and Portland icon, Powell's, and is happiest when buried in a great crime novel.

Her superpower: Danielle has an uncanny knack for reading people, and figuring out exactly what they're wanting.

Superpower she wishes she had: The ability to 'shut it off'. Sometimes it's difficult to step away and get in a little down time.

Favorite moment/s in real estate:  The hunt. After so many years in the industry, Danielle still gets a kick out of looking at houses, and loves guiding her client to the right one.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Danielle loves both the grandiose houses and majestic canopies of Irvington, while still appreciating the attitude, activity, and eclectic communities of the Mississippi and Williams neighborhoods.

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